The Financial Education and Economic Transformation Center

“We believe in Loving Kindness, Justice, and Righteousness for everyone, that is why the Financial Education and Economic Transformation Center (FEET Center), a Colorado 501(c) (3)nonprofit corporation, is dedicated to providing economic empowerment opportunities to under served individuals in the community.”

We are guided by Wisdom and Truth in our mission to be a vital resource in the community for economic empowerment opportunities.

Walk in the light of life dispensing wisdom and truth to:

  • Improve the financial capability of under served youth
  • Improve the asset development skills of under served households

Walk in the fulfillment of destiny teaching, mentoring, and empowering by:

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding by providing education in: Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing skills in asset development by providing engagement in: Saving and Investing

“ We develop strategic relationships and efficiently deploy resources in support of our operations, programs, and activities through the commitment, dedication, and generosity of our board and staff, in harmony with volunteers and partners from the public and private sectors, combined with the tax-deductible contributions, donations, fees, funding, gifts, grants and sponsorships from public and private sources.”